Find the Good

Spreading messages to promote positivity and happiness 

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Find the Good

Want to be Happier Now? Find the Good! 

Even though negative messages surround us every day, you have the power within you to Find the Good and change how you feel in each moment, in others, and in yourself. 

Rise Above for Better Health

Even when something or someone brings you down, you are strong and capable of looking beyond the bad to Find the Good. Losing your cool can truly affect your health becasue anger causes stress on our minds and bodies

Don't take it Personal

You never know what someone else is going through, but it's hard to remember that when you feel you're being snubbed, cut-off, taken advantage of, or treated unfairly. Many times, our belief in unfair treatment may be just that, a belief, while in truth that person may be having an awful day at work or maybe they are dealing with unknown sadness or grief. Find the Good and try giving them a smile. It may make things better for both of you. 

Forgive Others and Yourself

We all make mistakes. Without them, we can never grow and change for the better. Find the Good in every accomplishment and every misstep. Those rocky roads are leading you somewhere, and your goals and dreams are just ahead.

Our Mission 

Find the Good's mission is to help spread positive messages of gratitude, mindfulness, and acceptance. When we can Find the Good each day, it will allow us to overcome even some of our most difficult trials which opens the doors to our hopes and dreams.

Start a Movement: Spread the Find the Good Message!

Check out our shop! Merchandise is Coming Soon. We will be using a portion of our profits to bring mindfulness and gratitude education into our schools.